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Accolade Global Film Competition

Award of Excellence Directing foAdverse (2020)

Award of Excellence Special Mention for Adverse (2020)


Award of Excellence Special Mention for Adverse (2020)

Videographer Awards

Award of Excellence Writing for Adverse (2020)

Award of Excellence Directing for Adverse (2020)

Award of Excellence Entertainment for Adverse (2020)

Davey Awards, US

Silver Award for Film/Video-Entertainment for Adverse (2020)

Fantasporto Film Festival

Opening Film

Independent Theatrical Features - Suspense/Thriller for Adverse (2020)

W3 Awards

Gold Award Entertainment for Adverse (2020)

Silver Award Best Directing for Adverse (2020)

WorldFest Houston

Platinum Remi Award

Independent Theatrical Features - Suspense/Thriller for Living Among Us (2018)


Award of Excellence for Living Among Us (2018)

South African Horrorfest

Won, Horrorfest Award

Best Found Footage Film for Living Among Us (2018)


Communicator Awards

Won, Gold Award Of Excellence

Film / Video / Television for Audom: Adored (2016)


Won, Silver Award Of Distinction

Film / Video / Television for The Lost Tree (2016)


Independent Filmmakers Showcase IFS Film Festival, US

Nominated, IFS Award

Best Picture for The Lost Tree (2016)


Won, IFS Award

Best Thriller Feature Film for The Lost Tree (2016)


Nominated, IFS Award

Audience Award Best Feature for The Lost Tree (2016)


Murray Weissman Movie Poster Award

Won, Grand Winner

Movie Poster Art Award for Little Gandhi (2017)


Riverside International Film Festival

 Won, Jury Award

Best Thriller for The Lost Tree (2016)


California Film Awards

Won, Special Jury Prize

Grand Winner for The Lost Tree (2016)


Davey Awards, US

Won, Silver Award

Film/Video-Entertainment for The Lost Tree (2016)


Telly Awards

Won, Bronze Telly

Film/Video - Non-Broadcast Productions - Directing for The Lost Tree (2016)

Won, Bronze Telly

Music Video for Fructose: Bitter Dream (2016)

Won, Bronze Telly

Music Video for Helmet: Money Shot - Music Video (2007)

Won, Bronze Telly

Short Film for Sorrows Lost (2005)

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